Plyo Ball Warm Up by Play 9

Important: Perform after resistance band warm up. Proceed with throwing progression and long toss. Programed by Total Arm Care. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, email us directly at or call us at 908-883-6643.

Hand Passes

Start with good posture in upright position. Keep arm at 90 degree position at sides. Pass ball from hand to hand while keeping elbows tight to body.

Reps: 10 | Intensity: Low | Ball: 2lb or 1lb


With ball in a flexed position, drive hand with the ball toward the trampoline /ground and pronate wrist and forearm. Catch ball with opposite hand.

Reps: 10 | Intensity: Low | Ball: 2lb or 1lb

Reverse Throws

Start in a half kneeling position with arm side knee down, rotate torso backward and drive the ball back into the wall behind you

Reps: 10 | Intensity: Low | Ball: 2lb or 1lb

10 Toes

In a upright position, facing the wall, rotate throwing shoulder while keeping stable lower body. Toss ball arm side, two feet above your head and create rhythm.

Reps: 10 | Intensity: Low/Mod | Ball: 2lb or 1lb


Start with feet near stride length, create momentum by rocking back, then throw ball forward toward target, bringing the back leg through.

Set: 10 | Intensity: Mod | Ball: 6,5,3.5

Quick Picks

Start with back turned away from target with feet shoulder width apart. Turn with high intent and throw the ball toward target.

Set: 10 | Intensity: High | Ball: 6,5,3.5