Mission Statement

Play 9 believes in enhancing the development and ability by producing high-level, sustainable sporting equipment for baseball and softball athletes at the professional, amateur and youth level. Our goal is to help these athletes build velocity, durability and flexibility to become better, more well-rounded, athletes who can compete at their highest level.

Founder, Sales & Operations

Henry Warner

"During the end of my playing career I suffered from scapula and shoulder imbalances that carried into my early twenties. These arm care products helped me restore balance and functionality in those areas. This became the motivation to create a sustainable arm care brand for young and adult throwing athletes. My goal with Play 9 Sports is to create working opportunities for driven baseball-loving individuals and build a brand that helps promote velocity and durability."

Programing & Product Development

Tom Drown

"With my experiences developing high level baseball players to reach their goals and aspirations I felt that being a part of Play 9, which is founded on providing quality and affordable arm care products to help athletes stay healthy, was a no brainer. When you consider how valuable the arm has become and how important it is to keep the arm healthy - you'll realize how important it is to build a powerful arm, body and mind in order to reach full potential. I look forward to providing material for athletes to utilize pre and post throwing to keep them healthy". Tom is also the Founder and Operator of Total Arm Care.