Long Toss Program by Play 9

Start with a 9-ounce weighted ball (if accessible), throw the ball 50-60% effort out to 100 feet with a specific external or internal focus (i.e. hit partner in the chest or feel glove side disconnect from throwing arm). Make sure all throws have a arc. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, email us directly at sales@shopplay9.com or call us at 908-883-6643.

Beyond 100 feet, continue throwing with a regular 5oz baseball, both going out and coming back in, until long toss is finished.

As you continue to build experience and get stronger, you should graduate to an 11-ounce ball.

If Distance Restricted: Extension catch out to 90-feet with weighted ball and easy toss out to maximum allowed distance.

If Time Restricted: Extension catch out to 90-feet with weighted ball. Increase intensity as you go out to tolerance distance.

If Distance Restricted: Put the ball on a line repeatedly from 120 feet.

If Time Restricted: During the last 2 minutes of the throwing window, put the ball on a line walking in to 60 feet.

Think of the above program as a framework. You will need to tweak it in order to fit it into your practice schedule with your coaches.